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Kelly Priest is the Pres./CEO of Dream Video Productions in San Jose, CA. His production company creates corporate sales, training, and communications videos for many of Silicon Valleys top companies; Sun, Cisco, Polycom, IBM, GE Nuclear, Isees.com to name a few.

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree for Broadcasting in 1987 from San Jose State University, Kelly and his wife spent one year living in Italy teaching english at a private institute. He then began a career in Finance which lead to a management position by 1989. It was then that the smell of the grease-paint and the whir of the film cameras drew him into the world of corporate and event videography, where he has been since 1991.

His work has garnered 7 national awards, top prize at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 1984, and many local awards for excellence in the field of corporate and event videography. Dream Video has produced hundreds of wedding videos. A high level of video excellence is achieved by blending creative elements, romance and state of the art equipment. Kelly’s style of shooting is exciting, unobtrusive, and unique.

His docu-drama style of editing puts together subtle, high quality graphics with a smooth even tempo so the viewer can enjoy the excitement and emotion of the wedding day, not just a bunch of funky MTV effects.

Corporate clients include Apple Computers, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Sytems, G.E. Nuclear, Pharmchem, Primary Marketing Group, JumpSport, and Guidant. Dream Video Productions produces award-winning sales, training, corporate communications, and instruction videos.